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The Web3 software company built to give back

We are a Web3 company with utility, leveraging the latest technology to provide Development and Security as a Service.

We build, develop and deploy tools for all crypto ecosystems

In order to make a stand against VC funding, the community around the company chose a crowdfunded method to launch and support the company. The aim is to achieve its goals of creating sustainable eco systems and security services for all web 3.0 users.

Services we provide

We believe all ecosystems and users should be secure, no matter the cost.

Security Audits

Security Audits

Peer reviewed code is always much safer than self-reviewed. Our developers can help you check your code.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Giving you the confidence that your products remain secure in a constantly evolving environment.

Safety Protocols

Safety Protocols

Building tools that provide peace of mind to businesses and users.

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Introducing RadXu

RadXu is a grassroots approach to showcase how a community can crowdfund their own development instead of using and relying on products owned and operated by others.

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Security Audits


Eco-system for self-sustainability

Penetration Testing

On chain analysis

Tools for users to better analyse contracts

Safety Protocols


Focused on development for open collaboration

Safety Protocols


Developer base for auditing smart contracts

Safety Protocols

Marketing and SEO

Tools to make launching products more transparent



Making defi easier to understand and use

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Our Products

By partnering with the best UX/UI companies from web 2.0, we can build our own amazing looking products designed for intuitive use and adoption.


For third party customers, Radxu and our own protocols


For third party customers, Radxu and our own protocols

Removing “People” as the product

Products exist to serve a purpose through utility. In the world of web 3.0 we have decentralised exchanges, NFTmarketplaces, staking pools, node platforms and play to earn gaming platforms just to mention a few. These products bring some sort of utility to their users. We need to continue to innovate while not infringing on people’s privacy.

The spirit of giving back

Philanthropy is hard coded into us. We understand the importance in delivering value to our community, but at the same time we understand the importance of giving back to those less fortunate than ourselves. We find that charity today is embroiled with the same red tape as politics and funds are often mismanaged.

We intend on utilising our community to project manage our own initiatives, making sure that the maximum amount of funds reaches those that need it most.

Our Partners

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